The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) was founded by a number of organisations across the recruitment, tech and social enterprise fields and was supported in the government’s policy paper on the UK Digital Strategy in March 2017. The Tech Talent Charter is run as an industry collective, as we recognise that only through working together and joining forces, can any real meaningful change happen.

The TTC is for Start-ups to Multi-Nationals spanning all industry sectors from entertainment to banking. Essentially, if you employ tech talent and are keen to do more than talk about the problems then do SIGN UP. Together we can create solutions, take action and share best practice.



Just 17% of Tech/ICT workers in the UK are female, only one in ten females are currently taking A-Level computer studies, and yet there is a looming digital skills gap where the UK needs one million more tech workers by 2020. Half the population cannot be ignored, and nor should it be, if there is to be a more diverse, inclusive, fairer and commercially successful tech workforce and industry. The Charter encourages and supports signatories to tackle this head-on by undertaking to: 

● support attraction, recruitment and retention practices that are designed to increase the diversity of their workforce;
● define their own timetable for change and implement the strategy that is right for their organisation (acknowledging that all signatories will have different starting points);
measure the diversity profile of their UK employees and to share this data for (anonymous) collective publication.


Learn more about the current data supporting diversity in the tech workforce of the UK.

See how current TTC signatories are implementing their commitment to diversity.

Formally become a TTC signatory and publicise your commitment to diversity.

Who makes up the Board and Steering Commitee?

The TECH TALENT CHARTER Board of Directors:

The TECH TALENT CHARTER Steering Committee:

  • Hayley Josephs – Browne Jacobson
  • Jon Snade – Browne Jacobson
  • Amali de Alwis – Code first Girls
  • Amy Ellington – DCMS
  • Kate Bellamy – DC
  • Avi Gillis – DCMS
  • David Henderson – Global Radio
  • Fiona Berry – Global Radio
  • Daniela Vanoni – HP
  • Jeanne Le Roux – JLR People Solutions
  • Andrea Bertone – Monster
  • Helen Mellor – Nationwide
  • Jo Portlock – RBI
  • Sarah Luxford – TLA
  • Jacquelyn Guderley – Salome
  • Tiffany Hall – Cancer Research UK
  • Doniya Soni – Tech UK

Who are our Supporting Partners?

Code First: Girls